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Python is a high level Programming language developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. It is second highest popular language among the developers and data scientists.  It is used for various tasks such as web development, application development, data sciences, artificial intelligence, etc. Youtube, Quora, Netflix, Google, dropbox uses python for various developments.

Python Course Highlights

Course Python
Type High Level Programming
Usage Applications, Backend, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
Jobs Data Analyst, Application Developer, Backend Developer, Data Scientist
Typical Course Duration 4-5 months

Python Course Structure

Python is a Object Oriented Programming Language with various pre developed libraries with which you can do almost everything from automation to development. Here is the full course structure:

Learn Python Here -

Basics Modules Python
Input Output Working in Excels
Data Types Libraries and Functions
Variables Data Analysis
Operator Numphy
Control Flow Panda
Functions Machine Learning
Object Oriented Programming Python GUI
Exception Handling -

This is basically the preview structure of python courses. Almost all the topics for the basic python course is listed above there might be various advanced topics which we haven't included in the list as the course might become different. 

Best Online Websites to learn Python

There are plenty of websites which are offering various python courses. We have listed out few of them which have best content for you. 

1. Udemy- With almost thousand of python courses and best learning platform. Udemy makes it perfect to learn python and get your certification easily. Udemy has got great trainers like Jose Marcial Portilla, Tim Buchalka, Ziyad Yehia, etc. 

2. Coursera - It has the courses from the world most reputed colleges and companies. With python courses from University of Michigan, IBM and various more makes coursera an undisputed python learning platform. 

3. Edx - Another learning platform which offers courses from colleges, universities and companies. 

4. Coding Ninjas - Another great platform which offers 2-3 month course in python. Anybody with no prior coding knowledge can learn python from this course.

5. Lynda - Lynda is Linkedin company where professional can learn and grow. It also has good collection of python tutorials.

6. Code Academy - It is free to learn platform where you can learn python for free. There will be small coding tutorials through which you can learn. Best part is it provides you the coding Platform at the same time so that you don't have to install python on your on computers.  You can upgrade any time your account for better accessibility and more used cases.

7. Data quest - It is also a free python learning platform with integrated coding environment where user can learn and code python at same time.

Why to learn Python

1. Coding is Easy
2. Object Oriented
3. portable
4. Free and Open Source
5. Extendable

Python Usages:

As we have told earlier also the python is used in almost all fields. Here are some of the uses of python which we have listed below: 1. Web Developement 2. Desktop GUI Applications 3. Scientific and Numeric Applications 4. Software Development Applications 5. Databases 6. Networking 7. Games 8. Machine Learning 9. Web Scrapping 10. Data Analysis

Top Python based Recruiters:

We are listing out the world's best companies which are being recruiting the developers in the field of python: 1. Dropbox 2. Youtube 3. Netflix 4. Spotify 5. Reddit 6. Google

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