F64 Smart Fitness Band Review: Good Watch at ordinary Price

Today we are going to review a SMART Fitness Band. We know there are lots of options when it comes to fitness band as they can price as low as 4$ and can go up to hundreds of dollars. So what’s Special in this F64 Smart Band.

F64 Smart Fitness

On unboxing box  we got Band and a User Manual. You have to use any usb port or wall adapter to charge it. It promises to deliver 7-10 days of Standby time and on heavy usage it will give you 4-5 days of battery. Yes this band costs less than 15$ and We think it justifies its price tag.

Now lets move to the features that this smart band promises to deliver. First of all it has

  • Full Colour Display
  • Step Counter 
  • Sleep Tracking 
  • Heart Rate Monitor 
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring 
  • SPO2
  • It Can track your Various Exercises
  • A weather Widget
  • You can read Your SMS’s
  • Can Control The Camera And use it as Remote Control
  • And you can Change Tracks From you watch also

But these are the features which we can directly control from this watch. And let me tell you the watch has more than this.

First of all the watch has lift to wake up feature. Yes we were really happy to have it.  Because turning on the screen by pressing the home button is not ideal for any smart watch or fitness band.
The watch has really good built quality. You will feel confident while removing the straps. You will never feel you will break it or something like that. It doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky and its almost 35 to 40 degree temperature here but the TPU band still feels comfortable to wear and it looks good on hand also.

And one of the best thing that every watch or band should have is its IP68 certified you can spill water on it. You can submerge it and the band will continue work like before.

Now moving to the step counter. The step counter just works fine and like any other expensive smart watch or fitness band its not 100% accurate as we know it can count our hand movements as steps and that’s not a big deal.

And one of the cool feature which  you can get in this watch but not on smart watches like Gear S3 or Moto 360 Sport doesn’t have is you can check your blood pressure on it. Yes and for our surprise its not a gimmick. We have tested it on many people so here this watch has a plus point.

So, we have told you many good points about this watch.. but its not a perfect product? Everything has cons.. and yes this watch has few disadvantage also.

First of all if you will go to its app and if you will enable all the notifications. This band will vibrate and tell you even the minute things which you don’t want to know like?

For example:

You are uploading a 20 mb video and you have uploaded 1 mb out of 20 and as the status will change even to 2 mb you will be notified, 3 mb you will be again notified and all the way to 20 this process will goes on. That was a bit pain for us but its not that big problem you can select which apps you wanted to be notified for.

Now the next thing we didn’t like is the navigation on the UI of this watch if you wanted to go on a certain app and you missed out. You jumped to the next application. Now you have to press the home button 10 times again to go back to the app you wanted to but we faced this problem in the initial phase and after few days of usage we remembered the sequence.

And one last thing may be we are demanding more but we should have ability to add or remove new watch faces hope this feature will be added in future software updates.

So conclusion, how is the watch before making this review we have ordered many fitness bands from amazon, flipkart and ali express, and most of them were crap.. cheap plastic look, really bad display and few even refused to turn on.

But this F64 smart fitness band really impressed us. We have to say, at this price point of less than 15$ you will not be disappointed, it delivers everything it promises, so its time you tell us what do you think about this smart watch.

You can buy it from Aliexpress

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