IIT Mandi Develops Self Cleaning glass that Purify Water through Sunlight

Researchers at IIT Mandi have developed a self cleaning glass which can remove microbes and pollutants from waste water.

Waste coming from Pharmaceutical Companies is one of the major source of water pollution. The current filtering systems can filter out only solid and inorganic compounds from the water. Organic compounds remains in water and can cause serious problems.

They have used photocatalytic process for this system. They have developed transparent calcium borate glasses and TiO2 crystallised glass nanocomposites which breaks down chemical in the sunlight.

No extra cost is required. You just have to put water in that glass container and it can treat the water in few hours.

Such technology can also be used for cleaning air by removing NOx. This can be done by placing the glass on our window to fight air pollution.

Researchers are currently working on transparency of this glass so that they can be used on regular windows also.

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