Delhi University AC and EC members wrote letter to VC on St. Stephen's College

Members of Delhi University's Academic and Executive councils on Friday wrote letter to Vice Chancellor of DU about the inclusion of supreme council member in St. Stephen's interview panel. The members are saying that this step will compromise the integrity of admission process.

The letter is written by Academic council members Richa Raj, Seema Das and Pradip Kumar, Executive Council members JL Gupta and Rakesh Jha and Finance Committee member Rajpal Singh Pawar.

The Letter reads "We request you to preserve and protect the academic integrity in the admission process  and dignity of teachers of St. Stephen's college, which is under serious threat by some recent decisions of college administration."

It further reads " We respect the status of minority institution, but we demand respect for the university's statutory framework and service conditions of teachers."

They also said that the warning letters issued to three teacher also should be withdrawn as they were performing their duties as member of governing body.

Students and Teachers together protested on Friday against the interference of Church in the administrative decision of institute.

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