Best Apple Airpod Clone/Alternative which cost you 1/10th original cost

Today we are going to tell you about Apple airpod alternative which will cost you just INR 1200  ($16) only. Yes they cost less than 16$ and they are going to give you the same look and feel, as they are 1:1 Clones. Meaning that they have exact dimension of the real air pods. Additionally, they have touch sensitive control so you can change your tracks and trigger Google Assistant or Siri simply by long pressing three times on the air pods.

And before talking about the music quality Let me tell you a bit more about these Airpods.

They have Dual mode Bluetooth 5.0 which helps in reducing the power consumption. Each airpod has 40 mAh Battery inside it which can be charged 4 to 5 times. By the Case which has a 400 mAh battery.

And when it comes to music playback time. It claims to have 500 Hours of Standby time and up to 3 Hours of Music Play back. And both the air pods have mic so you can use them separately to listen music or to make calls.

Now, You can see them side by side. We have the Real Apple Air pods Also. The case looks exactly same, its really difficult to tell the difference between them except the clone is missing the text that it is “Designed by apple In California”.

And when we open it, the original air pods have led indicator on the top which indicates the battery life and on the clone the Charging Light is below the air pods.

And one more thing when the Clone air pods are in pairing mode they blink red and blue that automatically turns off when connected so that’s not a problem.

When they are inside your ears even a apple lover will not be able to tell you the difference. And both the real and clone has lightning connector which will help the Apple Users, so they don’t have to find micro usb cable or type C which were used in older TWS clone Models.

So Now the Real question how these Airpod Clone or killer sound. They cost 1/10th  price of the original airpods. But they sound really well. Trust me until you don’t want to find a difference between both of them you are not going to find the difference also.

There is just a little bit of base which is more in the real Apple Airpods And that’s it. Battery life is Great as claimed. They don’t look or feel cheap. And let me tell you they are Stereo , yes we were surprised that they have stereo sound. Because we never used a unbranded Bluetooth headset which can give you stereo playback.

And they are sturdy also while shooting for this video we have dropped it several times and they survived all the drops. So the conclusion who should buy these headphones. Any apple lover who don’t want to pay big amount of money for the Apple airpods. Because you have already paid the headphone jack. Or you are a Android User like me but want to try and know why apple was so confident about this design that they removed the headphone jack.

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