Students at Pune University Protest against new Refectory Rules

Students at Pune University who have their meals from refectory protested against the change of new rules on Saturday. Students have protested also argued with the security guard at the refectory for changing the rules.

The new rules were implemented after the controversy of worms found in the meals of students. According to the new rules students with monthly pass will have lunch meals on refectory near the Aniket Canteen. Students with daily pass and guest can have their meals in refectory at hostel no 8 and 9, girls can have their meals at girls hostel. Also nobody can share their meals and instead of tv there is new university radio show, Vidyavani.

Students said that they just wanted to improve the quality of food available at canteen. Instead of working on this university has laid the regardless set of rules which are unjustified to them. Also some students said that those who have daily passes have to walk for kilometer to have their lunch.

Rajesh Raherkar, Assistant Registrar said that "During the agitation the glass of refectory door was broken and a security official was injured. We have changed the rules for students' betterment as central refectory has capacity for 750 meals and atleast 850 students have monthly meals here. This put burden on contractor and hence the quality of food was compromised. We have tried to even out the pressure on the contractors."

Now Pune University has approached to the Chaturshringi Police station for the matter. Rahekar said that if any student have any concerned about the refectory then he can approach the refectory committee legally.

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