How to Shortlist Colleges for your MBA

So you are going to be graduated soon and you have planned to pursue Masters in Business Administration or MBA now. MBA programs have gained substantial popularity in the last few years. Now a days students from all fields of graduation are planning to pursue MBA for their masters. They believe that it will raise the graph of their career and will add to a new experience in their lives.

The big question now is, with over 3000 of B-Schools in India alone, and number of B-Schools out of the country, How to decide for the right B-school to pursue MBA from? The process in itself can be very tiring and daunting in the first place, given the number of colleges and courses offered.
So here we are, giving you some keypoints which you should consider while deciding an apt B-school for you.

shortlisting of MBA college

Check Your Eligibility

Every MBA aspirant is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in any field with minimum 50% of aggregate marks from a recognised college or a university. Even the students of final year can also apply for MBA entrances.
Every college or University has its own criteria for admission process. Most of them seek admission through the competitive entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, IBSAT, SNAP, ATMA etc. Every college then has its different individual and aggregate cut off percentage for admission criteria. Prepare a list of colleges you can get admission in as per your marks scored and ranking. Also, in certain colleges you would have to apply even before the results of your entrances are out.
So prepare a list in which colleges you want admission and in which colleges you can get admission as per your result. This will somewhat make your process for deciding an apt B-School a little easier.


Checking the Accreditation of the college is a foremost and the most important part of deciding a B-School. One should always verify the accreditation of the college before taking admission into it. If the institution doesn’t have any accreditation or lacks the pre-requisite permission or certificate, then the degree from such a college holds no relevance and no one really wants to waste their precious two years. So checking the accreditation is really a important part.

Specializations and Programs Offered

Before taking admission into any B-school, knowing about the programs and specializations offered is really important. Since MBA offers a number of specialisations, every MBA aspirant should be very clear about the program or specialization that he wants to do, be it finance, HR, Marketing or International Business. One must take into consideration the ranking of that particular course in that particular college in which he wants to take admission before considering the college.
Along with this one must also take into consideration whether he will be awarded with a DEGREE or DIPLOMA on completion of the course. Since many of the colleges and universities offers MBA either in PGDM which is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management or degree programmes or both.

Infrastructure and Faculty

Modern and equipped infrastructure is imperative and it plays a major role in short listing the college for MBA. Every student wants their campus to have a hi-tech library, lecture rooms, high speed internet in the campus, sports arena etc besides the fact that it should provide students with safe and hostile environment where they can learn and grow.
Also, considering about the faculty of the college is yet another factor which should be taken into consideration while deciding an apt B-school for you. Teachers play an indecisive part in the lives of the students. They are important pillars in shaping the career of the students and knowing about the faculty before taking admission is really important.

Fees and Return on Investment

Before taking admission, knowing about the fees structure of the college is really important. Private institutions have more fees when compared to Government institutions. Besides this, many colleges have now a days started a practice of providing financial aid to the students in form of scholarships or easy bank loans or some part time job in the college premises itself to fund the fees. All these factors vary from college to college and university to university.
Apart from this, one should also take into consideration the previous trends of job placements of a particular college. All theses information can be found easily on their official website. In this competitive world, no one wants to lag behind and moreover, what is the use of the degree if you can’t get a job. So while considering which B-school to take admission in, one should really think of all these aspects.

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