Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Expected Design and Specifications

Today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The most expected phone of Samsung and 10th version of galaxy note series. There are lots of talks and rumours surfacing on web.  So how its going to look like?, what is Going to make it different from Galaxy S10 Series apart from the S Pen.

So According to the leaks we know that Samsung Galaxy is going to look exactly like Galaxy S10 with Punch Hole Displays. But for the second time after the Launch of Note 3 and Note 3 Neo. We are going to have 2 or More Models For Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

One Will Be a 6.7inch Galaxy Note 10 pro or plus with 4 Camera's on the back side and a smaller Note 10 can also be Introduced after the Positive Feedback what Galaxy s10e has received. The smaller galaxy note will have 6.2 inch display. And it can lose the curved edges same as Galaxy s10e as well as the Wide angle lens and the TOF 3d sensor.

And if we put a pinch of salt. It is Also rumoured that Galaxy Note 10 Can be Samsungs First Phone without any physical Keys. Yes, no keys at all. Everything will be managed by gestures.
And a real good news which is almost confirm that Note 10 will use UFS 3.0 storage technology, which is twice as fast and far more efficient than the UFS 2.1 tech Which is installed in the Galaxy S10.

So only few months are left for the release of Samsung galaxy note 10. And few things which… we will love to see in Galaxy Note 10 that is

  • In display Speaker Technology which is released with A80
  • And may be a in display camera sensor… about which Samsung has been talking for a while.
  • Else Top of the Line Processor 8 to 12gigs of Ram and 512 and 1TB of base storage with a 3.5 mm jack is expected.

Comment below what do you think Galaxy Note 10 will have and how much desperately  you are waiting for it.

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