Delhi Govt. Stops Funding of 28 Delhi University Colleges

Delhi Govt has stopped the funding of 28 Delhi University colleges. The step was taken as the colleges were not able to constitute the governing bodies as stated by the govt.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of New Delhi has written a letter to vice chancellor of university and finance department stating that the funding will be discontinued till the colleges will not form the Governing Bodies as per directions.

The terms of these governing bodies were expired on March 9, 2019. Earlier in February the Govt. has asked the DU to extend the term for the next three months. For which DU did not responds to the govt.

What is Governing Body?

A governing body will take all the administrative as well as financial decisions of the college. It will have a 15 members team which comprises of 5 Govt. nominee, 2 University and 2 College teachers, principle and 5 member of DU approved by the Govt.

Teachers Opposing Decision

Teacher groups are opposing this step and wants govt to take back the decision. DUTA finds this as unacceptable as employee will be held to ransom due to impasse created by the university/by govt. This will just disrupt the academic function during the semester examinations. 

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