Companies that you can approach for College Fest Sponsorships in India

Organising a college fest is not an easy task and finding sponsors for those fest is even a more difficult one. On hearing the word sponsorship, the first thing that comes to our mind is the brand’s logo on the poster or panel of the event. Most of these companies who are willing to be your sponsors, invest in the college fests with the motive of increasing their brand reach as much as possible. While gathering sponsors for your college fest might not be a cakewalk but surely it is an important one. So here we provide you the names of some companies which keep on sponsoring college’s fests and might be interested in sponsoring yours too.


Beverages Partners

Brand names like PepsiCo, Redbull, Bisleri, Coca Cola have been sponsoring events in India for a long time be it IPL, any tv show or other sports events. Apart from this, these names are often seen as sponsoring College fests in DU and of IITs and NITs. Their main motive by being sponsors is to expand their reach as much as possible. All you need is the right marketing and promotional strategies.

Banking Parters

Banks in general have lots of funds to sponsor college fests. Moreover by being them as sponsor for your events, their main motive is to increase their reach among the masses and what is a better opportunity than college fests to do so! Banks like SBI, ICICI are few names which have been the sponsors of many college fests previously.

Title Sponsors

We have seen names like MRF, One Plus, CEAT sponsoring generally all IITs and NITs fests. They all have been proud Title Sponsor of these fests and they generally provide sponsorship of huge amounts in the fests.

Media Partners

Independent online newspapers or other newspapers like The Times of India along with Radio FM are seen as the sponsors of the college fests as their Media Partners. They not only provide you sponsorship in cash but also provide your event with online and offline promotions.

Snacks Partner

Names like Haldirams, Cornitos, Nestle, McD, Pizza Hut etc have been proud sponsors of almost all college fests around the country. Next time planning an event, don’t forget to contact them for same.

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