5 Awesome Tips for Freshers at Delhi University

Gone are the days of boring school uniform, strict school teachers and thousands of restrictions that come up with school life. Surely, many of you would be very excited and would have all geared up themselves to take admission in Delhi University. Delhi University being one of the best Universities of India for Undergraduates has a lot to offer to its Fuchhas. So here we come up with some tips on what to expect from Delhi University. It might break some of your expectations, but in the end somehow you will be prepared to tackle new things life will throw at you.

Source : India Today

Explore your Campus:

 Many of you would have imagined about your dramatic grand entry to the college campus with your earphones plugged in and a cool song playing in the background with everyone around you, looking at you as you have seen in movies like Student of the Year or Kuch Kuch Hota hai. Thanks to the Karan Johar movies and number of stories being narrated to you by your siblings or friends. But this is exactly what doesn’t happens and its time for you to wake up and come back to reality.
More often than not, your first few days in college would be gone in exploring the campus and looking for classes. Gone are the days when you have to go in school, in one particular class, attend all classes their only and come back home. In college, you would have different classes for different subjects and sometimes it might be in the same building or sometimes you might have to go through an entire building or a block to reach your classes.
Similarly, you would have to locate your college’s administration department from where you would collect all of your documents. And while you are at it, also try to locate your college’s canteen and library also. As soon you will realize that most of your time in college would be spent here only.

Know your College’s clubs and Societies:

Today, colleges have become much more than the place where you learn and enhance your academic skills. Colleges, today are a place where you learn the most important lessons of your life, uncover the hidden facets of your personality and gets a chance to follow your passion.

Almost every department in college have societies and clubs which welcomes freshers every year. These societies and clubs not only organises cultural events in their colleges but also participates in various events of different colleges. Try finding about them and being a part of something that interest you.

College’s societies and clubs gives you a platform to explore yourselves and learn things that no book will ever teach you. By being in these societies or clubs, you will not only get a chance to interact with some “coolest people” in college, but you will also get a chance to talk to people outside your college which will help you in growing your networks.

Attendance is super important:

Bunking on lectures and attending other events is all fine and good but don’t forget about your ATTENDANCE. Yes, you might have heard from your friends “Arey, DU mein admission ho gaya? DU mein attendance ki kya dikkat!”. But let me tell you, that attendance is super important and, there is no escape in this regard irrespective of the society work you are involved in. In fact, in certain DU colleges, there is a minimum requirement of 66.6% attendance without which students are not allowed to Take semester examinations unlike school, where short attendance would mean a note to your parents. So be very careful about your attendance.

Find your BFFs:

We all have heard that friendships that are made in college lasts your lifetime. Indeed it is true! And mostly, people meet their BFFs or best friend forever in the initial few days or months of your college.
While some of you lucky folks would stay in touch with your school friends but they may or may not stay with you for the rest of your life, but the friends you will make in college will remain with you for the rest of your life. So, don’t hesitate, go and talk to new peple around you. You may at first feel awkward but once you do it, nothing seems much easier. Remember, everyone on your classroom is a fresher and has same insecurities as you. So this is the best time to break the ice and meet like minded people.

Also, keep in mind that as easy as it seems is to have a friendship that lasts a lifetime, equally easy is for you to fall for a bad company. So pick friends wisely, who encourages you in your studies and to be your true self. Once, you find such friends, they will stay with you always.

Earn your pocket money:

So, now you are in college and you even asked your parents for a raise in your pocket money and they did it, and now everything seems easy. But guess what? After few initial months of college, you will realize that you have to go hangout with your frieds, watch new movies, buy new clothes, get your nots and this money is just not enough and you find yourself broke.
Besides this, you will also realize that in this new phase of life saving money is also not that easy since you don’t want to compromise with your new life. So the key point here is that to spend more, you will have to earn first.
So you need to do some hard rather smart work. You can look for some part time internship or even look for some work in near by restaurant or even in your college. This will not only earn you money but will also help you by giving some first experience of job and will also help you in future by building your resume.

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