10 Scenes that Sums up Avengers Endgame - Full Spoilers

As the marvelous decade of MCU films came to an end with the biggest film of the year "Avengers: Endgame". Here are various exciting scene which took us to stand from our seats and screams and want to get more information regarding the characters and effects on upcoming films in MCU.

So we are in the phase of engame now.  People those who haven't watch this film should not read this as this article contains various spoilers.

Kind Attention - Spoilers Below

1. Early Killing of Thanos

After completing his life aim thanos was on his planet. Avengers finds the same radiations on a planet as when he used all the stones wiping out half of the population. So all avengers goes to his planet for find him and finish him once for all. They find him without the stones as he sends all the stone back to their places. This makes avengers more angry and thor kills him by choping his head through stormbreaker.

2. Ant Man Returns from Quantum Realm

Ant Man returns from quantum realm after five years. After that he finds that what happens and how half of the population vanishes. He go back to avengers headquarters where Captain America and Natasha finds him just like we saw in the trailer.

3. Time Travel

Ant Man return gave avengers a ray of hope by time travel and reverse all things done by Thanos. For this Tony Stark came up with the perfect time travel model. Through that time machine they go back in time and collect the stones.

4. Battle of New York 

To collect the stone Tony, Rogers, Banners and Scott goes to back where they first battled together. Banners goes to collect time stone where he met ancient one. Scott and Tony goes to collect the tesseract but they failed.

5. Thor got his Mjolnir back

As a part of going back in time and collect the stones. Thor and Rocket goes back in time to Asgard for finding Jane. As happened in Thor : Dark World. Rocket collects the ether from the Jane's body and Thor met his mother. After that when they were just to return Thor flaunt his hand and the mighty hammer returned to him.

6. Natasha's Souls for Soul Stone

Black Widow and Hawk eye goes toVormir to find soul stone. Unknowing what will happen and they will get the stone. Red Skull as a part of his curse to guide everyone came for the soul stone told them one of them has to sacrifice his life as the stone demand soul for the soul. Both of them starts fighting each other restricting other one to sacrifice. At last Natasha convince Clint that she was the one who will sacrifice the life. Clint got the soul stone and return back to Avengers headquarters. 

7. Nebula Exchanged

Nebula and Rhodes goes to find power stone. A scene where star lord in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 1 goes to take the power stone. As they travel the back in time, Thanos find through Nebula's memory what avengers are planing and what he has to do next. He took Future Nebula and changed her with Past Nebula who was working for Thanos. 

8. Hulk's Snap

As Avengers were able to collect all the stones. They form a Gaunlet like robotic arm and connect all the stones to it. Since no one could bear the power of guanlet. Banner decides that he will wear it since it has gamma rays and he was made from those rays only. Finally he wore it and make snap wishing all those who were vanished due to snap return back. 

9. Captain America Lifts Mjolnir 

Captain America, Thor and Iron man fights against Mad Titan once again. Mad Titan has grip over the thor's stormbreaker and he was just to put that in the thor chest and then just Mjolnir come and hits the mad titan and come back to Captain America. Earlier also in Age of Ultron we got the glimpse that might be Captain America is worthy of lifting that hammer. 

10. Tony's Snap

Thanos was again able to gain the gaunlet but this time he was stoped by everyone. At last Iron Man again tries to fight with him to grab the gaunlet from him. But Thanos did not give him complete chance. As Thanos snap he found that nothing happens and the stones were not in it. The stones were not in the hand of Iron man and he snaps with the wish of making mad titan and his army into ashes.  

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