Pune University Students Complains about Faculty in Open Letter

Students from Pune University English department have written an open letter to the head of Faculty to criticise the quality of lecturers they have.

Pune University

The letter addressed to the HOD Ashok Chaskar, has been uploaded on the social media and circulated among the media houses.

University has sanctioned the 8 positions for the full time faculty. But as of now there are only two associate professors, remaining 2 professor and 4 associate professors positions lies vacant.

In the letter students said the one lecturers brought the printout from the sparknotes (an online repository of notes) and other does not have read the author which he is teaching, but know about him. Also teachers switches to regional languages like Hindi or Marathi making difficult for the foreign students to understand and communicate.

University in response to this replied that they had asked other ad hoc teachers to teach the subject till the exams.

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