MHRD Rejects the DU Proposal for Funds

Delhi University Administration had requested MHRD for the funds of INR 5000 crores which will be used for the constructions of various buildings for university use but the MHRD has declined their request as they said that the proposal was "unjustifiable" and "over hyped".

Delhi University News

According to the DU committee member, DU has submitted the quotation for the construction as INR 7000 per square meter on average.

The proposal for INR 7000 per square meter is considered to be triple as the current market rates for which the ministry has signified it as "unjustifiable and overhyped".

Earlier also DU had INR 300 Crore funds granted by UGC which were not spent by university for the construction purpose. The fund were returned back to the UGC.

Source: Sunday Guardian Live  

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