Larvae Found in Pune University Canteen Food

Students of Pune University found larvae in the food serve to them in canteen (refectory). In eight days it was fourth time and it has raised question on the food quality which is being served to the students.
Pune University Refectory
Source: Hindustan Times
The food served by canteen is approved by the University official. Canteen is run under contract basis and students claim that contractor has not taken any measures to provide good food.  

In a wake of situation university officials had conducted meeting on Saturday. In that meeting official came to conclusion that they will stop the coupon service as this puts up pressure on the contractor. Only students who have avail the monthly service will be served at the canteen in refectory. 

Student who availed the coupon service can have their food from other canteens at the campus. Also their will be CCTV installed in the canteen refectory. 

Also their will be glass barrier so that students can't serve food from themselves. Their will be no tv sets as they cause fights among students. Soft music or University radio will be played instead. 

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