JJ Hospital's GMC Students Protest over Moral Policing

The students of JJ Hospital's Grant Medical College were left disappointed  after the diktat comes for the banning the short skirts in the college fest along with instruction not to sit with the fellow boys. The notice came after the some incidences happened in holi fest in college.

The notice was issued by the Dean Dr. Ajay Chandanwale and Warden Shilpa Patil in which it is instructed that women must not wear the short skirts, should sit apart from the men at the event and return to their hostel before 10 PM.

Against this notice students wore the ankle length clothes and covered their faces as a protest.

Dean Dr. Ajay Chandanwale said that the message was just to dress appropriately. As there was some chaos during Holi festival. If there is any grudges or objection then we will listen to the students.

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