Highest Paying Cool Jobs for the Arts Stream Students

Arts is a stream which is taken by students when they don't got enough marks in school boards which makes that it is easily accessible for everyone.

The stream which all Indian Parents do not want their kids to take as they think the stream doesn't have any future. As Indian parents are generally obsessed with the jobs like doctors and engineers.

Source: Integrated Electronics (For Representation)

But there are many jobs which offers you good pay after doing Arts stream. Here is the list of all the such jobs:

1. Event Manager: An event manager is one the whose job is to handle all the processes under going in a event. Generally a fresher event manager can earn upto 3 - 5 lakh per annum.

2. Public Relation Manager: If you are the one who loves to interact with other people then Public Relation is the career which you can pursue. Public Relation Manager usually interacts with various professionals to forward the information for the organisations. He has to create the good image for the employer and client. As a PR Manager you can earn upto 4 - 6 lakh per annum.

3. Lawyer: If you are good in arguments then you could become a lawyer. A lawyer is one who fights for the cause and his duty is to help the people. Law could be a good profession. Lawyer can charge from thousands to crores for a single case.

4. Social Media Manager: If you are social media freak and knows how to engage people over the social media then Social media management can be your forte. A social media manager has to create the campaigns and handle them. He has to apply effective methodology to optimise the cost of campaigns as well as to create brand awareness among the people. Usually Social Media Manager can earn upto 6 lakh per annum as a fresher.

5. Graphic Designer: If art and painting is your life then you could become a graphic designer. A graphic designer is one who creates various graphics, campaigns for social media and logos for the orgranisation. Graphic designer can work full time or part time as a freelancer. Knowledge of Adobe photoshop or illustrator is necessary for the job of graphic designer. In India graphic designer can earn up to 5 lakh per annum in full time job.

6. Fashion Stylist: If your mantra is to live stylish life, you know the latest trends and want to tell about them to the people then fashion stylist career is for you. You can work for the organisation or your own startup. You can also write your blog or start a youtube channel. As a fashion stylist you can earn from 2 - 6 lakhs as a fresher.

7. Content Writer: If you have knack for writing and then you can become a content writer. A content writer's job is to write the content in organised manner. Usually content writer can earn upto 2-4 lakhs per annum.

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