DUTA Opposes the University Move to Revise the UG Syllabus

Delhi University has undertaken the process of revising its Undergraduate Curriculum for the session of 2019-20.

For this the Delhi University Teacher Associations has opposed this move and said that it would mean "greater interference from govt".

The process of the revision was undergone from March 11, 2019 by inviting all the Deans and heads.

The new curriculum will be based on UGC's Learning Outcome Based Framework. Also the course will be expressed in terms which are related to skill, knowledge, understanding, values and attitude which aims to provide quality higher education as said by university.

It further said that the course will impact the seven lakh students who will be seeking admission in 2019. This curriculum will be followed by NCWEB, SOL and regular colleges.

"Concerns regarding the proposed schedule were discussed and after deliberations the proposed schedule was approved. Consensus emerged on the need to revise the curriculum without any further delay. Participation of students in the curriculum revision process has also been ensured," the university said.

DU Teachers are opposing this move and said that it has learned that vice chancellor has "decided to abandon any credible academic application of mind and impose the LOCF that seems to be thoughtlessly derived from a controversial and widely criticised outcome-based model prevalent in state-funded US universities."

The LOCF will invite greater interference from governments that will be tempted to dictate acceptable 'outcomes' for universities, the DUTA said. "Outcomes-measurement is a huge private industry in US which swallows a significant amount of US education budgets. It will force universities to offer market oriented self-financing courses. The UGC LOCF document also shows a total disregard for the inclusive character and unique priorities of public-funded universities," it added.

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